405911_340410182656975_1726243390_nFine Craft Artisan, Connie Gunderson

Heavenly Accents is a small cottage type industry owned by Connie Gunderson.  She is the designer, creator and craftswoman responsible for the high quality handbags and other forms of wearable art that the company provides world wide.

The company has a line of several bag styles which are designed for a multitude of occasions and customer needs.  New styles are always being added to the collection as well as making updates to the already existing popular styles.  Connie creates all her own patterns so you can be guaranteed that they are unique and  will be part of a limited edition.  Most of the handbags are constructed from upholstery type fabric which makes them light weight, durable and attractive to the eye.  Color, texture, size and shape all play an important role in the designing of handbags.   The inside of each bag is meticulously finished and is supplied with pockets,  zipper,  key fob and etc. to make the bag as user friendly as possible.

Brooches constructed of ribbon, fabric, yarn, beads, feathers, and etc. are also part of the company’s product line.  Each brooch is a unique piece of wearable art.  Many of the handbag designs are embellished with complimentary brooches.

Connie’s handbags and other forms of wearable art are all sewn by her which allows her to control the quality of the products brought to market.  The handbags are very user friendly, not to mention beautiful to the eye.